Holiday Pies

Red Wheel pies are known for their quality throughout the Midwest. Fiesta Fund Raising is now bringing these famous pies to Arizona! A holiday tradition, your community will enjoy them year after year! Me oh my, you’ll love our deep-dish pies!

About Our Pies

  • We use only the freshest ingredients!
  • Our pies are 50% deeper than store bought!
  • We use tried and true recipes people love!
  • We back everything we sell with a 100% Goodness Guarantee!


A Unique Way to Raise Funds!

Easy to run with proven products, our program is easy to run. We do not even see Red Wheel Pies as a fund-raiser. We like to think of it as a community service making it easy for your customers to enjoy some of America’s favorite pies in time for the holidays! It is simple program with only four flavors to choose from.

How our program works!

  • Take orders for one week in October for delivery before Thanksgiving OR take orders in November for delivery before the holiday break.
  • All pies delivered in full cases of six per flavor.
  • No prizes. We just want this program to be for your families, friends and relatives.

Pies are priced from $14 to $16. You earn $5.60 to $6.40 profit on each pie ordered!

  • sell 200 pies, earn close to $1,100
  • sell 400 pies, earn close to $2,200
  • sell 600 pies, earn close to $4,400

As you can see, this program is a perfect fit for the holiday season—you earn needed funds and your customers will enjoy the best pies around! Once you run this program, you will want to offer it every year!