Our Company

  • Fiesta Fund Raising is a local company. Our office and warehouse are located in Arizona
  • Fiesta has helped Arizona schools and organizations raise over $30,000,000 over the past 34 years!
Steve & Holly Kirk, Owners

Our Business Philosophy

  • One, offer quality products at a fair price. Is it a product that we would be proud to give to our friends and neighbors? Is it a good value for the dollar?
  • Two, give our customers the service we would expect if we were the customers. We try to remember that our customers are volunteers – not employees of the company!

Did You Know . . .

  • Fiesta Fund Raising has been located at the same address for over 27 years?
  • Fiesta has one of the largest warehouses in Arizona?
  • Fiesta’s sales representatives have a combined 100 years serving schools?

Keep your business in Arizona –
A smart idea that helps everyone!

  • Fiesta employs up to 30 residents each year.
  • Fiesta uses many state and local vendors and suppliers for the following:
    • Warehouse and office supplies
    • Purchase and repair trucks, trailers and other vehicles
    • Order forms and numerous catalogs
    • Coolers and freezers
    • Various catalog products

Service Highlights

  • Collate Brochures, order forms, etc. into parent envelope for each teacher and presort by classroom.
  • Parent letter printed on envelope.
  • We computer tabulate orders and provide a complete set of sales reports.
  • Computer generated prepay discrepancy letters & envelopes.
  • Each seller’s order is laser scanned to ensure accuracy.
  • All products and prizes packed per student.
  • Delivery with Fiesta trucks and Fiesta employees.
  • Delivery to classrooms for most products.
  • Toll-free 800 number for individual customer service.
  • Guarantee on all products.
  • We have many numerous service features not listed above that help make your job easier.

fiesta-blgFiesta Fund Raising, L.L.C.
121 N. 57th Dr.
Phoenix, AZĀ  85043

Phone: 602-269-8799
Toll Free: 800-600-9652
Fax: 602-269-1648