What Customers Are Saying . . .


“For me, the best and easiest part is the even dollar pricing…Matt is great, as always.”
~ Suzy Dyer, Prince School

“I feel that Fiesta gives us great service, quality merchandise, and best profit possible, allowing our school to have continued success.”
~ Karolina Donis, Christ Lutheran

“If you are looking for a company that you can trust to stand behind every aspect of the fundraiser, Fiesta is your company.”
~ Andrew Beck, Webster School

“I enjoy working with Fiesta. Your customer service aspect is fabulous. You always want to do right by the customers and school.”
~ Traci Laasch, Kerr School

“No weaknesses…Fiesta is a great company to work with…excellent products.”
~ Philis Kortgard, Kingswood School

“Great customer service, great cookie dough, and good price. Parents ask when we are going to sell again. We do it twice a year.”
~ Wendy Jordan, Four Peaks School

“I liked that we could name our own price. I think we sold more because we could cater to the economy…Everyone was on time …good items.”
~ Teri Homgreen, Smoketree Elementary

“One price for all is the best…never a problem…this is why we have used you for three years in a row.”
~ Derek Kreh, Vista del Sur School

“I really like Fiesta. Great products, great service, great profits—and it is easy to do.”
~ Debbie Ross, Tucson

“One price makes it easier…very profitable to our school—we will definitely continue this relationship.”
~ Mindy Przeor & Jesyka James, Brinton Elementary

“I believe Fiesta to be a stand-up company who makes fundraising go smoothly and a fun experience.”
~ Heather Thorpe, Sunset Canyon Elementary